Thursday, February 26, 2009

Venice High School, January 2009

This is the feedback we received from a recent workshop with Greta Enszer's 9th grade English class at Venice High School.

"Many organizations tout working in public schools in the inner city--but WGF not only commits to a thorough writing process with its participants, but extends the relationship after the program has finished to foster young writers. Kendell's generosity of spirit brought out hidden potential in my students, surprising themselves as they discovered joy in screenwriting. --Greta Enszer, Teacher

"Well, the writing workshop was pretty fun after all. The actors made it pretty amazing--who knew it could be so funny. That day was probably the best day of last semester." --Lizz Romo, Student

"It was an enjoyable experience and also great to see one's creation come to life." --Ivan Hernandez, Student

"The workshop was incredibly enlightening. They taught me a lot about constructing movies and it was very inspiring. The workshop teachers are very involved and are very helpful. It was a great experience." --Nathan Lhar, Student

"The screenwriters workshop opened new doors in my mind and let me express myself." --Sergio Martinez, Student

"The screenplay workshop was a passage into reality and self-discovery." --Holly Minnoy, Student

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