Thursday, February 5, 2009

From a WGF Workshop Grad

It's me your old student Jose Hernandez from Hollywood High. I remember you told me to let you know about everything. S___ is a great editing teacher, thank you for introducing him to me.

Let me tell you that Hollywood High is doing the yearbook in a DVD and guess what? I am the one in charge of it. So far I am the best camera operador, we shoot events or films, I edit them, and not only that I am the producer of every single film, I get to choose who to hire to shoot, who to hire as a grip, and all the rest.

Right now we are working in a cooking show and we are going to publish it to an organization that gives awards to the best High School cooking show been film.

Oh I almost forgot, let me tell you that I am getting certify by the Apple company of computers as a professional Movie Editor on Final Cut Pro. I am taking classes by an Apple Certified Trainer, and hopefully I'll get certify by the end of March.

I am also President of the Cinema Club at Hollywood High, and I am applying to CSUN to become a great Movie Editor and then become a Movie Director.

I'm sorry I wrote a lot to you this time. I hope I receive a note from you back. I have to say that thanks to you I've been able to do all this, you planted a seed on me, you opened the lock, again thank you so much.

With Joy, Jose Hernandez.

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