Monday, January 25, 2010

Fairfax High School - Teachers' Feedback

Hi Adam,

Just so you know, Enrique (resident Zombie screenwriter) has seemed to really "wake up" a bit after the workshop. The other day, he was actually participating too much in class discussion! Since I primarily work with the kids with learning disabilities, I just wanted to share again how absolutely impressed I was that two of my students with learning disabilities (Enrique and Michael) both had their screenplays picked and read by the professional actors. Working with the population I do, it is sometimes hard for my students to have academic (especially writing) success because these students usually have really struggled for years with reading and writing.

Jamie and I are encouraging many of the kids to apply for the scholarship (we're even offering extra credit). She will be in touch with you regarding the scholarships.

Thank you again. I think you are doing an wonderful thing with the workshop.



Hi Adam,

Thanks for the additional scholarship information. Quite a few students are getting their transcripts so they can complete the application. I will deliver them in one bunch one afternoon next week. I will also bring some reflections each class wrote about the workshop.

This was a terrific experience for our students. The success that Enrique had, in particular, is lifting his sights and hopes for school.

Thank you very, very much,


Jamie O'Halloran Whitmarsh
English Department Co-Chair
Fairfax High School


Frederick said...


Can't tell you how thrilled I am to learn this. Please give my best (and thanks) to your remarkable students. Twenty-six scripts delivered out of twenty-eight students -- truly a class act, and a hard act to follow.

And a big shout-out to you, too, Ms. O'Halloran-Whitmarsh -- an inspiration to students and visiting instructors alike.

-- Fred Rappaport

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